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Energy Solicitors highlights the need for better representation for businesses

New proposals will grant 200,000 businesses access to The Energy Ombudsman, but leading energy litigation specialists, Energy Solicitors Ltd, are questioning whether these changes are enough.

Do you understand how your energy is measured?

With recent hikes in energy prices, and government help for businesses soon coming to an end, a North East energy litigation specialist is urging businesses to ensure they fully understand how they are being charged for their energy.

Over 2 million UK businesses may have been mis-sold energy

Upwards of two million businesses in the UK could be entitled to compensation for energy mis-selling, according to energy litigation specialists Energy Solicitors.

Newcastle Law Firm supports criticism of UK energy market

Newcastle-based Energy Solicitors Ltd is looking to provide support to businesses around energy mis-selling, after energy giant Octopus breaks ranks with the industry.

Where Legal Diligence Meets Energy Expertise: Newcastle law firm becomes UK’s first commercial energy litigation specialists

As energy mis-selling is at the forefront of businesses’ minds, Newcastle-based Energy Solicitors Ltd is the first in the UK to specialise in commercial energy litigation.