Where Legal Diligence Meets Energy Expertise: Newcastle law firm becomes UK’s first commercial energy litigation specialists

As energy mis-selling is at the forefront of businesses’ minds, Newcastle-based Energy Solicitors Ltd is the first in the UK to specialise in commercial energy litigation.

Following the recent emergence of an energy scandal involving rogue brokers, Energy Solicitors is further highlighting the need for businesses to challenge the fragmented energy market, and recover money that is rightfully theirs.

Founded in October 2022, Energy Solicitors is dedicated to recovering monies through mis-sold energy contracts on behalf of businesses. With over 20 years litigation experience, ESL has an in-depth understanding of the legal claims process, enabling a cutting-edge approach to litigation.

Energy Solicitor’s Director and Senior Partner, Victoria Myers said: “While pre-trading we recognised and predicted the extent of the issues surrounding energy mis-selling, and we subsequently set up a dedicated firm to support businesses and challenge the misconduct of a previously unregulated sector.

“Recent press has highlighted the true extent of the problem, and here at Energy Solicitors, we are expertly positioned to deliver optimal redress for businesses across the UK.”

Experts at ESL believe the energy market is fragmented and heavily intermediated and with a lack of regulation over many years, this has resulted in many businesses falling victim to mis-selling and incurring substantial losses.

The law firm has highlighted that organisations such as charities, were often the target of large commission payments, with one client paying around £100,000.

Victoria continues: “We are particularly committed to assisting smaller businesses and non-profit organisations, especially during such difficult economic times.

“It is frustrating and disheartening that businesses have been exploited in this manner, but we are dedicated to exposing the wrongdoings and recovering funds for businesses that is rightfully theirs.

Energy Solicitors is a specialist law firm based in North Tyneside, dedicated to recovering monies through mis-sold energy contracts on behalf of businesses. Operating on a 'No win, No fee’ basis and with a solid understanding of the energy industry, ESL provide an unrivalled solution for commercial energy litigation.

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