Newcastle Law Firm supports criticism of UK energy market

Newcastle-based Energy Solicitors Ltd is looking to provide support to businesses around energy mis-selling, after energy giant Octopus breaks ranks with the industry.

Following the recent damning report from Octopus Energy and the emergence of a scandal involving energy brokers, Energy Solicitors is further highlighting the need for businesses to challenge the fragmented energy market and recover money that is rightfully theirs.

Energy Solicitor’s Director and Senior Partner, Victoria Myers said: “Here at ESL, we want to support businesses and challenge the misconduct of a previously unregulated sector and we are dedicated to exposing the wrongdoings and recovering funds for businesses that is rightfully theirs.

“The report from Octopus, along with recent press, has highlighted the true extent of the problem, and it is frustrating and disheartening that businesses have been exploited in this manner.”

The recent directional changes Octopus Energy has made has illustrated how fragmented the energy market really is, with the supplier wholly blaming its fellows for many businesses falling victim to mis-selling and incurring substantial losses.

The report states: “Currently, the way Ofgem regulates the broker market is through the energy supplier that works with the broker. This means the onus is on the supplier not on the broker themselves.”

Victoria Myers continues: “It is encouraging that Octopus Energy has acknowledged the role energy suppliers play in relation to hidden broker commissions.

“The bad practice relating to hidden commissions rests not just with the broker, but also with the energy supplier, who fail to appropriately ensure sufficient disclosure is made regarding broker commissions.”

Energy Solicitors is a specialist law firm based in North Tyneside, dedicated to recovering monies through mis-sold energy contracts on behalf of businesses. Operating on a 'No win, No fee’ basis and with a solid understanding of the energy industry, ESL provide an unrivalled solution for commercial energy litigation.

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